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Acts of disruption

Acts of disruption is an exhibition of eight international artists whom address socio-political issues. The exhibition responds to the idea that engagement, resistance and disruption are the first steps to build an alternative society. By using humour, poetry and philosophy to raise questions and to criticise our current habits, artists invite the viewer to see society in different perspectives.

Either by undermining or by confronting them, Jamie Fitzpatrick and Marco Godoy deconstruct symbols and figures of authority and social powers. The use of symbols is also present in the work of Nøne Futbol Club, two artists working in collaboration whom appropriate codes of modernity to create new ways of revolt and protest.

The direct impact of capitalism and globalisation on our everyday lives is also examined. By hacking and recycling technologies, Benjamin Gaulon condemns a system of consumerism and planned obsolescence. In a similar approach, Louise Ashcroft creates a multitude of actions and interventions aimed at disconcerting our daily vision and shaking our passive habits.

With transparency, integrity and humour, Thomas Langley creates disturbing text-based paintings that address the dualities of our time, in particular those of the human condition. Some of his works are accurate observations of certain traumas of the society, others are more personal statements, notes and mantras, but all of them are approaching universal truths.

Lastly, by collaborating with working men and women Jeremy Hutchison analyses the conditions of labour and its exploitative structures and attempts to create equal human relations based on respect,consideration and freedom.

Curated by Alice Bonnot, Acts of disruption is an exhibition examining how artists can drive change in society and contribute to constructing a better and more sustainable world. This invitation of disobedience is therefore an attempt to create a platform for critical thinking and to reimagine our present and our future.

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  • January 19, 2018 - February 24, 2018

The Space

This is our main 1420 sq ft. project & exhibition space consisting of mainly hanging wall space and uniquely finished concrete flooring with suspended ceiling covering of approximately 3.5 meters in height.

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