Opening Hours: 12pm to 6pm (Tuesday-Saturday)


The Concept Space introduces new era with it’s continued evolution as a forward thinking platform with ‘RENDITION’ an exhibition exploring the inherent performance and processes in the creation of rhythms, visually present in abstract paintings. The show presents works by four international artists Marta Kucsora, Dora Juhasz, Rebecca Meanley and Peter Matthews whose practice involve a high degree of intuition and an element of chance.

Focusing on the finding a patterns, flows, tempos, regular features, recurrent nature of the elements in the works of these artist whose paintings results in a visual rhythmic and musical rendition to the viewer. The show attempts to deconstruct the process involved in creation that generate such impulses and stimulate out visual senses. Exploring both the premeditated ‘conscious’ and chance ‘subconscious’ elements in achieving such rendition of the painting surface.

Searching for qualities perceived as ‘rhythmic’ and ‘musical’ in the actual formal structure of a painting as result of the transcendental mind as the works of these artists straddles performative and the conceptual, the experimental with processes and material depending on how these artists experience time and space. Discovering the element of spontaneity combined with conscious mind, selecting, judging, organising and re-organising them into a cohesive whole that is visual music of compositions and brushwork. And the use of colour, form, repetition, layering and lyricism as the basis for expression.

The experience of the shapes, texture, colour, brushwork, form, movement elevates the viewer’s experience into a higher realm that can be beyond that of sheer rendition of a performance or a piece of music. We see the ways in which the works of these intuitive artists have emulated the rendition of music using colour considered a core element in sensory perception to reinforces the idea that sensory perception of one kind can manifest itself as a sensory experience of another. Thus, colours directly affect the viewer’s emotions and capable of vibration on the canvas similar to hearing certain sounds.

The compositions created by layering and blending paint, rendering nature by using gradations of colour and repetitions of shapes, undulation and creating juxtapositions in these abstract works certainly compares to musical score and reinforces the principles of synaesthesia.

In view of the works on show in the exhibition ones attention is guided by principles such as rhythm, melody and spacing evident in music as the source of creation for these artists is from the depths of the inner self and very much the purest way to activate and present such captivating visual expression without recognisable imagery.

The Exhibition runs from 08 December 2018 to 09 February 2019