Opening Hours: 12pm to 6pm (Tuesday-Saturday)

Sándor Szász’s ‘The Dawn After Yesterday’ exhibition opens to public in time for London Frieze Art Fair week

The long awaited exhibition of works by the award winning Budapest-based Transylvanian artist Sándor Szász has finally opened to the London public just in time. The timing is wonderful as it is a week full of exciting exhibitions, auctions and art fairs headlined by the Frieze art fair.

The exhibition, Szász’s first ever showing in the United Kingdom includes his recent body of work together with a rare installation. It is a transposition of the artist’s memory and vision of an environment changed forever by the impact of human actions.

‘The Dawn After Yesterday’ looks at the aftermath of a catastrophe of the past and the scenario of one in
the future as a consequence of human actions today by blurring the boundaries between history, fact and fiction, surreal and real, memory and imagination, past and future, suffering and salvation, struggle and freedom in exploring the fact ‘memory is identity’.

The artist through these works, is holding up a mirror from the past to question of the likely possibility of an impending apocalypse in future as a result of human actions.

The exhibition is a great opportunity to experience the works of this artist who produces very few paintings a year due to the complexity of his technique and composition. The shows which crossing runs over the Frieze art fair week continues until 11 November 2017.

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