Opening Hours: 12pm to 6pm (Tuesday-Saturday)


The Concept Space is to host an exhibition of works by Sándor Szász’s in a show entitled ‘The Dawn After Yesterday’. The exhibition is Szász’s first UK exhibition and includes a rare installation by this award winning Transylvanian artist and curated by KB Stowe.

The thought provoking works are a transposition of the artist memory and vision of an environment changed forever by the impact of human actions.

Along side the works of painting, is a rare showing of a new installation piece drawing from elements or scenes depicted in some of the painting narratives. An imaginary scene frozen in time as oil drums painted in his signature holes (holey balls) that never pierce through the other side but into an unknown void are suspended on thin elongated stilts that remind us of a desolate town.

Original crumbling mud covered barbed-wire from the battlefront of the First World War (WW1) forces the viewer to confront our mortality and actions of the past. Original helmets from the First (WW1) and Second (WWII) World War with rusted holes suspended from the roof leave us with a ghostly state of unease as we wonder what it would have been like.

Anti-tank hedgehogs imitations suggest fortification and obstacle that belong to a world we can no longer defend. It is Szász once again, weaving history and fiction into a single frozen frame for the viewer’s reflection and contemplation.

The exhibition is expected to open on 29th of September and runs until the 11th of November 2017.

Please enquire about works vailable for acquisition through TCS including prices and shipment using contact form or DM on Instagram Dismiss