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Summer Exhibition

The Concept Space inaugural open SUMMER EXHIBITION is to open on the 4th August 2017 with the Private View evening schedules for the 3rd. It is a showcase billed to presents works from an array of national and international artists. The roll of selected artists includes some of the most promising talents and is as follows:
Ant Hamlyn
Beñat Olaberria
Elva Arce
Erik Deerly
Fipe Gouge-Merrall
Gabrielle Bradshaw
Gail Seres-Woolfson
Henry Hussey
Ian Tricker
Jennii Booth
John Fitzmaurice
Leonardo Ulian
Loz Verney
Marilena Klemmer
Marta Kucsora
Mela Yerka
Mi-Young Choi
Nicolas Vionnet
Paul Arsenault
Patxa Ibarz Gil
The Unknown Artist
Silvia Lerin
Tadao Cern
Tayyibah Arif
Wei Tan

The Summer Exhibition runs until Saturday 3rd September 2017.