Opening Hours: 12pm to 6pm (Tuesday-Saturday)

VISCOSITY- Márta Kucsora

‘Viscosity’ is an exhibition of works by international Hungarian artist Márta Kucsora and her first in the United Kingdom. The exhibition includes both new and earlier works exploring the flow and resistance of paint over a surface due to stress from an external force. A visual dialogue and expression created from a process of wiping, splatting, pushing, splattering, tilting, sprinkling, moving, tearing or simply by some form of displacement.

Márta’s works are a result of an audacious process lead practice fuelled by exploration and experimentation to create bold compositions with varying techniques to defy the convention and expected flow. This dynamism and vitality through the freedom of movement in any direction sometimes presents the viewer with an explosion. The action of artist and that of the fluid on the surface resonants with symbolism of passion and freedom.

The volcanic and unpredictable nature to Marta’s work as paint fluid and other infusions, boldly claim the canvas surface leaves a visually dynamic and intriguing expression – with reminder of nature and the natural.

In the “Plantagram” series, we see elements of the impressionist painting of Claude Monet’s water lilies and in the more recent works the dynamism and chance encounter of
abstract expressionist automatic creation of Jackson Pollock, however all these works are a result of a different approach, consciousness and unique style.

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The Space

This is our main 1420 sq ft. project & exhibition space consisting of mainly hanging wall space and uniquely finished concrete flooring with suspended ceiling covering of approximately 3.5 meters in height.

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