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IN LIGHT: Private View

Private View of “In Light” an exhibition of works by international Hungarian artist Márta Kucsora and her follow-up solo show in the Gallery. The exhibition includes both new and earlier works exploring the flow and resistance of paint over a surface due to stress from an external force through new techniques. A visual dialogue and expression created from a process of wiping, splatting, pushing, splattering, tilting, sprinkling, moving, tearing or simply by some form of displacement.

The gravitational pull induces movement, converting the paint into active agent. The result is an image formed organically as the dissimilar compounds interact, almost imitating and in parallel to natural occurrences reveal themselves. As the processes Kucsora follows avoid any hint of direct representation or theme, the end results are widely open for individual interpretation.

Marta’s practice is about exploration and experimentation with the merging of figuration and abstraction with emphasis on technique and material. However, despite the continuous presence of the element of chance, her works continue to be the result of careful research, controlled planning and execution evoking methods employed by notable artists such as such as Simon Hantai, Judit Reigl who pushed the boundaries of conventional painting styles as well as László Moholy-Nagy who’s photograms were the original inspiration for her acclaimed Plantagram series.

With works in various collections, Marta has exhibited nationally and internationally, including museum shows at The National Gallery, The Ernst Museum and the Kunsthalle in Budapest, Hungary, The 21C Museum Louisville, Kentucky and the 21C Museum Bentonville, Arizona in the USA. Her works has been shown in prestigious art fairs such as Art Paris, Masterpiece London and BRAFA Brussels.

Márta Kucsora (b. 1979 Szeged) studied painting at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts, and the Montclair State University, New Jersey. She is co-founder of the Budapest Art Factory, an exhibition and project space for the visual arts in Hungary.

‘In Light’ runs until 4 December 2018 with a follow on exhibitions planned for 2019.

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This is our main 1420 sq ft. project & exhibition space consisting of mainly hanging wall space and uniquely finished concrete flooring with suspended ceiling covering of approximately 3.5 meters in height.

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