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The Concept Space is delighted to announce ‘Benjamin Deakin: In Conversation’ the talk to accompany the artists solo exhibition ‘Seeking News From Nowhere’. Exploring the notion that the search for a utopian environment is possibly a dystopian one in itself, the discussion will focus on the idea of Utopia, Dystopia and the legacy of the classic fictional novel ‘News From Nowhere’ by the 19th Century writer and poet William Morris on visual culture.

The inclusion of this written work in the discussions on utopia and dystopia is to relate the fact that the works in the exhibition, title and research for the paintings all lightly reference the classic novel.

Deakin’s work with its complex composition and blend of environments laced with architectural sensibilities explore the hybrid of the built / artificially constructed and the natural environment. It is the re-imagining of a utopia of ruins rather than the expected dystopian viewscape.

Overall, these pictures of hybrid spaces seem to suggest that what is perceived as reality is only a projection of our imagination, alluding to the fact that the quest for Utopia is one that can probably never be realised.

About Benjamin Deakin:
Benjamin Deakin’s practice explores the way in which different cultures interact with their native landscapes and how certain places take on cultural associations as well as political and economic significance. This can be expressed through fictional hybrid spaces using a range of stylistic and historical references with densely layered surfaces in which architectural traces suggest ruination and geometric interventions that disrupt and bisect the composition and organic forms.

Benjamin Deakin (b.1977) lives and works in London. He studied for a BA Honours in Fine Art Painting at Kingston University, UK from 1998-2001 and MA Fine Art at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, London, UK from 2005 to 2006.

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