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Márta Kucsora

Márta Kucsora is a Hungarian artist whose practice is about exploration and experimentation with the merging of figuration and abstraction with emphasis technique and material. However, despite the element of chance, her works are a result of careful research, controlled planning and execution.

She has exhibited nationally and internationally, including Traditional techniques, new genre and stylistic phenomena 2005-2015, Kunsthalle, Budapest, Hungary (2015); Surrealität – Galerie Reichlin, Küssnacht am Rigi, Switzerland (2014); Stuttgart One – with Galerie Robert Weber, Stuttgart, Germany (2013); Day of Painting – National Gallery, Budapest, Hungary (2012); Blue: Matter, Mood and Melancholy – 21 C Museum, Luisville, USA (2012); Malerisches Wasser, Landhaus, Solothurn, Switzerland (2012); Naturaleza y Asfalto, Galeria Urbana, Las Águilas, Mexico (2010); Résumé – 20 Jahre Galerie Ucher, Galerie Ucher, Cologne, Germany (2009);Time of Painting in (2009) and Painting Today (2008) at REÖK Palace, Szeged, Hungary;Eleven – Art Museum, Szombathely, Hungary (2009);Homage to the 1956 Hungarian Revolution – EU Parlament, Strasbourg, France (2006);Hungarian Festival of the Arts and Humanities – Hungarian Cultural Center, New York, NY (2006); Lumina – Alludo Room Gallery, Jochberg, Austria (2015); Plantagram – Klettgau Galerie, Klettgau-Griessen, Germany (2014); Fluidum – Rayment Art Project, Munich, Germany (2013); Wasserspharen – Galerie Ucher, Cologne, Germany (2009); Budapest Art Factory, with Mamikon Yengibarian, Budapest, Hungary (2007); Flumen – Red Saw Gallery, Newark, New Jersey, USA (2006);Time of Painting – Tradition Reinterpreted, National Gallery, Budapest, Hungary (2007).

With works in various collections including 21C Museum, USA; Fairmont Le Montreux Palace, Switzerland MasterCard, Hungary; MOYA Museum of Young Art, Austria; ESMA Spanish-Hungarian Advertising Private Corporation, Hungary; Erste Bank; SAMMLUNG LUPA; Ruhrverband; Erftverband; Wasserverband Eifel-Rur to name a few, Márta lives and works in Budapest, Hungary and is a co-founder of the Budapest Art Factory.

She lives and works from Budapest, Hungary.